Sustainability through humidification


Sustainability through Energy Optimization

Condair humidifiers & evaporative cooling systems have been helping improve productivity, sustainability and health in many commercial and industrial applications throughout the World for over 60 years. With our examples we show you how humidification can give a substantial contribution in energy optimization of your cooling or heating infrastructure.

Please find the benefits of humidification & evaporative cooling for your requests related to sustainability.

In-duct evaporative cooling strategies

The three main AHU evaporative cooling strategies explained, covering direct, in-direct and exhaust air cooling.

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Evaporative cooling

How cold water humidifiers are used to provide low energy, low cost cooling.

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Exhaust Gas Heat Recuperation

Using the waste heat from a gas-fired steam humidifier's flue gases to pre-heat incoming air with a heat recovery system.

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myCoolblue app

Energy use simulation for indirect evaporative cooling with "myCoolblue" app from Condair.

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