Dry Archives and storage rooms


Dry air and humidity control for Archives and Storage rooms

All over the world, goods are stored in archives, storage facilities and warehouses, for short or long periods of time, depending on the business. Different type of goods are in different degree prone to damage due to the climate wherein they are stored. It is foremost the humidity in the air surrounding the stored goods that can affect the quality of the products. To maintain an acceptable climate, the warehouse is heated up, to reduce the relative humidity and maintain the quality of the goods. The running cost for a large warmed up warehouse can be huge. Therefore, dehumidification of the area, instead of heating up, is better due to a higher quality of the goods, but foremost, a lower energy running cost.


In archives, it is important to maintain a stable climate, concerning both humidity, temperature and filtration of the air. These facilities usually house documents, films or photographs that need to be stores for a long period of time without being degraded or even effected. The climate inside should lengthen the life time of these objects. Archives have different climate condition depending on the object stored. It should be noted that, compared to e.g. a museum, where the climate also should be kept stable, an archive have fewer visitors and usually less ventilation, i.e. the moisture load is lower.
To achieve this, all year around, you need to be able to control heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification simultaneously.

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In many steel forging industries, the steel coils or sheets are stored before they are shipped to the customers. By lowering the relative humidity to 55% or below, you drastically reduce the corrosion rate of the steel. By installing a dehumidifier, set to 55% RH, you ensure the effect of corrosion will be kept to a minimum. As a consequence, the temperature inside the warehouse, may vary during the year, but since the RH is always kept below 55%, the temperature factor in negligible.


Products of wood can easily be degraded or be attacked by fungal growth with a high surrounding humidity. It is important to keep this humidity low, since the moisture content of the wooden boards, planks, timber or paper have a direct relation with the moisture content in the surrounding air.

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