Draabe NanoFog Evolution

High pressure spray humidifier

This quiet and discrete in-room spray humidifier is ideal for commercial buildings that do not have central air handling units. The nozzles are barely audible, just 10cm high and each can deliver up to 3kg/hr of humidification directly to a room with rapid evaporation.

Multiple nozzles can be combined and controlled from a central panel to deliver up to 200kg/hr with zone control allowing humidity levels to be controlled independently in different rooms.

Features & benefits

  • Small, attractive and discrete in-room nozzles
  • Very quiet operation
  • Ideal for buildings without a central AHU
  • Zone control for management of individual room humidity levels
  • Low on-site service requirement

Draabe TurboFog Neo

High pressure spray humidifier

This direct room high pressure spray humidifier has a variety of distribution units to ensure the optimal configuration can be employed for any individual areas. Outputs vary from a maximum of 4-32kg/h, each with a compact, discrete and attractive design.

Draabe users benefit from a service module exchange system, whereby the water treatment and pump stations are returned for servicing while new ones replace them on-site. This reduces on-site servicing and associated downtime while ensuring hygienic and efficient operation at all times.

Features & benefits

  • Flexible positioning of energy efficient high pressure nozzle systems
  • Compact, attract design with multiple configuration options
  • Built-in high performance fans distribute humidity rapidly in the air
  • All hydrophilic parts made of quality stainless steel for long operation and hygiene

Condair ML-Princess

High pressure spray humidifier

The ML-Princess is a ceiling mounted humidifier delivering between 12-54l/h per distribution unit. It is ideal for use in production areas and doesn't require a compressed air supply.

An integrated fan draws air from below and distributes the moisture particles for rapid evaporation in the atmosphere and uniform humidification in a room. 

The system has very low energy consumption with a single distribution unit providing up to 54kg/h while operating on just 120W.

Features & benefits

  • Low energy direct air humidifier
  • Quiet operation as no compressed air needed
  • Operates on RO water so does not introduce dust to an environment
  • Uniform humidity distribution with 360° spray design

Condair ML-Solo

High pressure spray humidifier

The ML-Solo high pressure humidifier provides low energy humidity control and evaporative cooling directly to a room's atmosphere. A series of spray units are strategically located in the area being humidified and are connected to a high pressure pump and water treatment system. Supply water is filtered to remove any minerals and then supplied to the spray units at between 50-70bar.

The nozzles can be suspended from a ceiling or mounted on a wall. Adjustable joints allow their sprays to be directed. A fan unit under the nozzles encourages evaporation and assists in directional control.

Features & benefits

  • No compressed air required so quiet in operation
  • Available in white, grey or black
  • Ceiling or wall mounted spray units
  • Operates on RO water so does not introduce dust to a room

Condair JetSpray

Compressed air & water spray humidifier

The JetSpray provides very accurate humidity control directly to a room's atmosphere using a combination of compressed air and water. A series of strategically located nozzles provides consistent humidity throughout a room.

The use of compressed air ensures very rapid moisture evaporation without the risk of wetting or drips and highly directional spray aerosols. Self-cleaning nozzles allow the humidifier to operate on mains water without the need for RO water filtration, thus reducing overall water consumption.

Features & benefits

  • Robust self-cleaning design for industrial use
  • Accurate and consistent humidity across an area
  • Can run on mains or RO water
  • Easy to install and operate
  • 0-100% modulation for close control
  • Ideal for cold store environments

Condair Rotary Disk Atomizers

Economic misting systems

The Condair range of rotary-disk atomisers present excellent value for money for small to medium sized production and storage facilities. Characterised by low energy consumption and high misting performance, these units are easy to install and set up with a long operational lifetime.

These rotary atomisers can be connected to the water mains for continual operation and some can also be manually filled.

Features & benefits

  • Economic humidification systems
  • Easy to expand by simpyl adding more units
  • High performance and long service lifetime