Healh throgh humidification

Improving Health through Humidity Control

Correct indoor humidity levels will prevent the spread of infections, influenza epidemics, and respiratory diseases.

For office staff, air humidity has an essential impact on health and productivity. The correct humidity level in the respiratory air prevents the mucus membrane from drying out and reduces the risk posed by microorganisms and the occurrence of specific symptoms of illness. Air humidity is especially important where verbal communication plays a central role – for instance in call centers.

Air humidity in the health care sector requires a high level of attention, for instance in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or even fitness studios. On the one hand, it contributes significantly to the recovery and the preservation of health, on the other hand it supports a high level of performance.

In residential properties, the right level of air humidity contributes to the health of residents by minimizing illness and aiding to keep resident comfortable by eliminating dry eyes, noses, and throats.

Illness - The transmission of airborne viruses, such as influenza, is significantly reduced at a humidity above 40% RH. Also, the mucous in our nose and throat is our body's natural defence against airborne pollutants. When it dries our immune system is weakened.

Skin & hair - A dry atmosphere causes skin to become susceptible to cracking, especially on the hands, and can cause hair to develop split ends and become duller.

Dust - Humidity binds dust and causes it to precipitate out of the atmosphere so when the air is dry dust and airborne pollutants are more prevalent.



NEW astonishing 3D-videos will show the effect of relative humidity on virus and germ survival.


Part 1

Dry air and virus survival

Part 2

Dry air and mucous membrane immune response

Part 3

Dry air and the spread of viruses


Please find the benefits of humidification for your health, productivity & well being in this application section.


Hospital & Healthcare humidification

For recovery & protection of patients health.

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Office humidification

Improves health & productivity of staff & reduces absenteeism.

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Humidification for Nursing and Retirement Homes

Dry nose, itchy skin, and sore throats are just some of the many side effects of living in an environment with low humidity.

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Schools and Children humidification

Proper humidification in schools can reduce absenteeism by 20%.

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Hotel and Wellness humidification

Hotel rooms, which are humidified between 40 - 60% RH are an additional, important health benefit for your guests.

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Home humidification

Improves health and protects furniture, floors and textiles.

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Study Shows Humidity Reduces Airborne Flu

A recent study carried out by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has shown that ...

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Museums, galleries, art & antiques humidification

Preservation of works of art & antiques & fittings and features.

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Concert halls & organs humidification

Preserving organs & protecting wooden instruments & auditoriums.

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Hot Yoga Studios humidification

We’ve worked with enough hot yoga studios to know how important it is to balance heat and humidity for an optimal yoga environment. A lack of humidity is proba...

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Hospitality, Sport and Wellness

Your guests should feel completely comfortable and relaxed. The right humidity plays an important role in this.

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Humidification for Hotels

Improving the Indoor Climate for Guest Comfort

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Gyms and Hot Yoga Studios

What are the benefits of optimal humidity in fitness studios?

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Spa & Wellness

Relax and enjoy the highly innovative steam bath systems from Condair

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Care Center

Humidification for Care Centers

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