Improving the Indoor Climate for Guest Comfort

As a hotel owner or manager, you know that guest comfort is a top priority. However, one factor that is often overlooked is the indoor climate. Dry air can lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms for guests, including a scratchy throat and dry eyes, while musty air can make guests feel uncomfortable and cause unpleasant odors. 

This can make it difficult for guests to get a good night's sleep, which can negatively impact their overall experience. In fact, 50% of all hotel ratings refer to the poor indoor climate, and bad reviews can lead to fewer bookings*.

Fortunately, improving the indoor climate through proper air humidification can be an easy and effective solution.

*HotelTechReport. (August, 2020). What is Preventive Maintenance? Definition, Examples & Tech Tips.

  • It improves the comfort and overall experience for guests resulting in repeat business and higher hotel reviews. 

    • Indoor & outdoor cooling applications
    • Guest rooms
    • Meeting spaces Steam rooms & spas
    • Fitness centers
    • Restaurants
    • Swimming pools
    • Any place you will find people

  • Poor indoor air quality can have adverse effects on the hotel staff. Too low humidity levels can affect their concentration and productivity, can cause headaches, dry eyes and throats, dizziness, and tiredness. A lot of downtime due to a high level of sick leave is the result.

  • The financial and reputational benefit of fixing it before it breaks (preventive) outweighs the financial and reputational costs of fixing it after the fact (corrective). Right humidity levels help to decrease your costs.

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We not only sell products for humidification, dehumidification and evaporative cooling, but also support you in the planning and installation of your project. After installation Condair’s global network of service teams will ensure consistent operation and maintenance of your system for consistent operation around the clock.

Our existing Hotel Partners use our products for:

  • Indoor and Outdoor cooling

  • Indoor air handling / humidification for comfort and hygiene

  • Dehumidification

  • Wellness & SPA

  • Swimming Pool Areas

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