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Dry air and humidity control for Chemical and Pharmaceutical production

The humidity level is very important in pharmaceutical industries. Wrong humidity in the production of pharmaceutical products can lead to degradation of active ingredients or that the end product does not fulfil the required quality. Drying of temperature sensitive products is also something that greatly benefits from dehumidification. Altogether, this can significantly increase the efficiency of the production plant. This is why, nowadays, most pharmaceutical companies always include dehumidification when designing a new production facility.

Many chemicals and chemical processes are sensitive to moisture. For example, production of plastics generally require a low relative humidity for the plastic to maintain its proper quality. Lamination of glass, e.g. wind shields for cars, require low moisture content when the glass sheets are glued together. Due to the fact that many chemicals are in some way hygroscopic (attracts water vapour), climate control is required for the products to maintain their desired quality.

Many dehumidification units installed in chemical or pharmaceutical industries are equipped with pre- and/or post modules containing heating- and/or cooling coils. This humidity and temperature treated air is then often supplied to a clean/dry room where the production is located.

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