Food Quality through humidification

Condair humidifiers help improve the productivity of food & beverage manufacturers

Condair humidifiers and evaporative cooling systems have been helping improve productivity, sustainability and health in many commercial and industrial applications throughout the World for over 60 years. Air humidity ensures a consistent quality level of goods in storage. As an example, fresh food remains crisp and attractive in storage and therefore sellable if circulating air is correctly humidified.

Please find the benefits of humidification for your needs in this application section.


Cold storage humidification

Preventing weight loss and improving shelf-life of produce.

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Crop storage humidification

Prevents degradation of crops and assists safe long term storage.

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Mushroom growing humidification

Provides optimal growing conditions and reduces Mushroom damage.

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Tea production humidification

Prevents tea from losing moisture to the air.

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Egg hatchery humidification

Critical for maximum yield of chicks from each batch.

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Meat industry humidification

Reducing weight loss during carcass chill down to less than 1%.

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Bakeries humidification

In bakeries, proper humidification has a profound influence on both product quality and the finished baked good.

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Cheese curing humidification

When it comes to cheese curing applications, proper humidity control is crucial.

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Grocery stores and produce humidification

Proper humidification ensures that not only does food remain fresher for longer, but also that it is visually appealing. In short, it moves product o...

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