Ice Rinks and Curling Halls


Dry air and humidity control for Ice rinks and curling halls

When warm and humid summer air enters the colder inside of the ice rink or curling hall, condensation and formation of water droplets can occur in the ceiling and on the roof beams, which in turn leads to increased corrosion rate and problems with mould. The warm and humid air can also create mist on the ice making is difficult to see and lowers the ice quality. Eliminating this is the first step in air quality inside ice rinks and curling halls.

The second quality step for ice rink is to lower the dew point of the air inside the ice rink to a temperature lower than the surface of the ice, typically -4°C. This prohibits the poor ice quality that condensing humid air can lead to.

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The power consumption of an adsorption dehumidifier can be greatly reduced by not using pure electricity for the reactivation air heat-up. In ice rinks and curling halls, one usually have access to waste heat from the ice machines. This media is favorable for the reactivation air heater. If this is not enough, when the unit demands high reactivation temperatures, the unit can be equipped as a combo-unit, with hot water reactivation and an electric heater for peak demands.

Condair has a long experience with dehumidification of ice rinks and curling halls and can solve all your requests.

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