HVAC Applications

Humidification for HVAC projects

To achieve an optimal indoor climate, humidification is an indispensable part of an overall ventilation and air conditioning solution.

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Humidifiers for Enduser solutions

Humidification makes a significant contribution to optimized production and storage processes, conservation of value and work performance.

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OEM Customer

Humidifiers for OEM

If controlled humidity has to be an integral part of a machine, appliance or process, flexible engineering and manufacturing capacities are offered.

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Service & maintenance of industrial humidifiers

Humidification is as reliable to operation and hygiene as the service and maintenance concept behind it. We also offer modular full-service-packages.

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Improving health through humidity

Humidity is not considered any longer a soft factor for indoor air quality, as relative humidity levels of 40-60% can minimize the majority of adverse health effects. Consequently, the correct humidification in offices and residential homes can have a distinct impact.

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Improving productivity through humidity

Many industries consider the right humidity level a basic requirement allowing for optimal product output (e.g. wood, textile, printing industry) or the correct operation of the infrastructure (e.g. data centers), ensuring long lasting productivity.

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Sustainability through humidity

Through our evaporative cooling solutions and energy optimized ways to install and operate our humidifiers, energy resources can be optimized. Condair helps that office, production and storage processes will become more efficient, thus improving the working environment.

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Find your local Condair representative

Condair Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification systems. Today, we are represented in 64 counties; in 20 by our own sales and service organizations. Please find your local Condair partner unter the link below. 

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