Energy use simulation

Energy use simulation for indirect evaporative cooling
with the myCoolblue app from Condair

Use the myCoolblue simulation tool from Condair to determine how much energy you can save by using an indirect evaporative cooling system (Condair ME).
To represent your HVAC system’s cooling mode (cooling of external air to supply air) in the calculation program, simply enter the relevant planning parameters.

Precise Calculation

Savings can be calculated precisely
before the system is even built

The myCoolblue mobile app can simulate the energy characteristics of your planned system, and calculate the potential savings from evaporative cooling in advance.
Energy savings can thus be evaluated in terms of concrete figures.

weather data

Use of location-specific weather data

The energy use simulation is based on hour-by-hour meteorological reference data for the selected location. Test reference year values from the German Weather Service and the METEONORM global meteorological database are available for more than 300 locations around the world.

E-mail and AirPrint Function

E-mail and AirPrint Function

The h,x diagram can send the results of a calculation by e-mail, or print them out directly with the help of an air print printer.

myCoolblue at the App Store

Free at the App Store

You can download myCoolblue for free from the App Store.

Just tap this link on your iPad, and you’ll be taken directly to the App Store to download the app.

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