Productivity through humidification

Industrial & commercial humidification for many applications

Condair humidifiers & evaporative cooling systems have been helping improve productivity, sustainability and health in many commercial and industrial applications throughout the World for over 60 years. Throughout various industries, the correct level of humidity is of such significant importance that it becomes an essential success factor for manufacturing productivity. For example, due to electrostatic charging, efficient handling of paper in the printing industry depends heavily on an appropriate level of air humidity. Moreover, various production procedures in the pharmaceutical industry are only conceivable of if the correct humidity is ensured. Waste heat from machines and procedural processes is neutralized through evaporative cooling. Please find the benefits of humidification for your needs in this application section.


Data centre humidification

Provides high capacity, low cost evaporative cooling and combats ESD.

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Humidification for dust suppression

Humidifiers suppress dust, reduce dust emissions, dust deposits and neutralise odours.

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Printing humidification

Prevents dimensional change and improves production processes.

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Woodworking humidification

Individuals in the woodworking field such as furniture, cabinetry, and flooring manufacturers often encounter manufacturing issued caused by dry air.

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Eliminating static with humidification

45-55%RH eliminates the build-up of static electricity in manufacturing environments.

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Packaging humidification

Reducing static and maintaining the properties of paper, card and adhesives.

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Army and Defense Humidification

Ensuring your facilities are maintained at a relative humidity level of 40-60% RH results in maximum equipment performance and readiness. Proper humi...

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