Humidifier that also heats
Evaporative cooling with humidifiers
Evaporative cooling with humidifiers


Humidification benefits

Alongside the benefits of low cost heating contribution, the gas fired humidifiers also offer all the benefits of correct humidity control. For offices and public premises that means a healthy atmosphere that doesn’t dehydrate employees, promote dust and airborne infections or cause static electrical issues.

Exhaust gas heat recuperation from a gas-fired steam humidifier

Chimneys No Longer Required!

Exhaust gas can be ducted away directly via the exhaust air from the ventilation and air-conditioning system and the exhaust heat can be recovered through the heat recovery system. This offers significant benefits - installation is considerably easier, as a chimney is not required, and the energy contained in the exhaust gas is available to heat the building free of charge.

Equipment Technology tested by the DVGW

This design solution for routing exhaust gas has a patent pending and the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) examination certificate CE-0085CO0031 has been issued.

Efficiency pays!

This diagram shows the potential savings, including condensation heat at different heat recovery rates.

Exhaust air cooling with an evaporative humidifier

In-duct evaporative cooling strategies

The three main AHU evaporative cooling strategies explained, covering direct, in-direct and exhaust air cooling.

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Evaporative cooling

How cold water humidifiers are used to provide low energy, low cost cooling.

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myCoolblue app

Energy use simulation for indirect evaporative cooling with "myCoolblue" app from Condair.

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