Swimming Pool Dehumidification


Dehumidification systems for private indoor Swimming pools, Wellness, SPA and Therapy areas.

Why install a dehumidification system in an indoor pool?

A high degree of water evaporation is common with indoor pools, especially in combination with elevated air temperatures, leading to high indoor humidities and an oppressive atmosphere. Without controlling the humidity, the stay in an indoor swimming pool can feel uncomfortable and the subtropical climate might lead to cardio-vascular problems. Furthermore, there is a risk that the condensation on metal fixtures, exterior walls or glass surfaces may lead to the formation of mold, corrosion and cause mustiness. When this occurs, it could eventually lead to damage to the building, resulting in costly renovation and business interruptions. An efficient air dehumidification system, which actively decreases the humidity levels, ensures a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for visitors and staff while helping to maintain the building.

Specially designed swimming pool air dehumidification systems, which operate on the basis of a closed refrigeration cycle, are a energy-efficient approach of controlling the humidity. Compared to a simple ventilation system with an intake and exhaust air system, a swimming pool dehumidifier can be up to 60% more efficient.

All Condair swimming pool dehumidifiers are based on the heat pump principle. The heat emitted by the heat pump circuit has an additional benefit of heating the indoor pool area. This can lead to a considerable saving in the operating costs of the heating system.

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