Service Quality from the Manufacturer

Service Quality for Humidifiers



Trouble-free operation!

As a general rule, we only find out how well something works when it stops working. Damage and repairs do not just cost money, they also take up a lot of time. They delay or interrupt development and production processes, which means that they can also cause serious damage to the business. The most effective way to counteract this and reduce the likelihood of failures to a minimum is maintenance by experienced specialist technicians, which ensures that the processes run smoothly and that the conditions under which people are working or under which goods are being produced remain consistently excellent. Only through regular checks on the system is it possible to identify and correct disruptive factors at an early stage and avoid damage later.

Maximum Performance!

With regular checks and evaluation of the process parameters, it is also possible to determine whether a system is really running “smoothly”, or whether there are fluctuations in performance due to efficiency problems that require correction. If regular maintenance does not take place, loss of performance, reduced efficiency, higher energy use, and uneven stress due to contamination is unavoidable in the long term. Ensure that you have your optimum climate with optimum performance through regular maintenance! Our technicians will read out the key parameters of your system and will make the necessary adjustments with an eye to the system as a whole.

The result: a system that performs to its full potential!



Hygiene Safety!

The hygiene safety of humidification is critical when air is distributed via ventilation systems. Intensive cleaning and thorough disinfection measures are therefore a built-in component of our maintenance program. This ensures compliance with the applicable quality guidelines within the framework of regular checks. In addition, with Condair, maintenance of adiabatic systems always includes sampling of the humidifier water and sampling of the air, and having these samples tested by independent experts who measure the bacterial count. In this way, through our maintenance services, we can guarantee comprehensive hygienic operational safety.


Benefits of Condair Service include:

  • Expert humidifier engineers experienced with all makes and models
  • Highest level of engineering knowledge direct from the manufacturer
  • Increase humidifier reliability and improved humidity control
  • Efficient and hygienic humidifier performance
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Expert ongoing advice and guidance
  • Extended humidifier operational lifetime

Can we offer you a maintenance and service contract? Please, talk to an expert engineer about your humidifier's requirements.


Condair Service & Maintenance include also ...