Let me introduce myself

I was brought into this world to fulfill a very special mission: To raise everyone's awareness about the optimal humidity in everyday life, especially for health protection and for boosting productivity! A few facts about me, short and sweet:


  • Date of birth: 3bn years ago (as old as water on Earth)
  • Gender: Water droplet
  • Adress: I am everywhere.
  • Profession: Superhero
  • Power: Wisdom, knowledge and healing capacities
  • Personality: Assertive, protective and kind
  • Relationship: Single


My current adventures:

Season 1 - Impact on our health

Episode 1 / Respiratory Immune System Efficiency

Episode 2 / Humidity's Impact on Airborne Droplets

Episode 3 / Humidity's Impact on Virus Infectivity


My secret weapon: The Condair Cube!


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