Who we are at Condair

Condair, the global partner for Humidification and Evaporative Cooling

Condair is the leading manufacturer and provider of complete solutions in the areas of humidification and evaporative cooling, with a comprehensive portfolio including products, services, experience and know-how. This enables us to create the ideal indoor climate while keeping energy consumption low and reducing impact on the environment. This holistic approach becomes more important with every day. We are proud that we are already well equipped to embrace this challenge.

Our main brand, Condair, sets the standard for innovative, energy-efficient and hygienic solutions. Today, with approximately 740 employees, we operate production sites in Europe, North America and China, are represented in 22 countries by our own sales and service organizations and supported by distribution partners in more than 50 locations worldwide.  


Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of Condair is based on the moral concepts and mindsets that shape the behavior of each of our staff and, consequently, our ethics and image. We live our values in our day-to-day work, in dealing with each other, in making decisions, in appraising performance, in information and communication, and in our relationships with our stakeholders.

Dynamic and Straightforward

Dynamic & Straightforward

We are a forward-looking company, taking a positive approach to change and using our initiative to achieve it. We are
decisive, quick to act and to respond. We are honest and uncomplicated to deal with.

Cooperative and Open Minded

Cooperative & Open Minded

Together, by willingly sharing knowledge, skills and ideas, we are strong. We listen, and respect opinions different to our own. We are open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Result Oriented

Result Oriented

Because we are focused, we can concentrate on what is essential. We are tenacious, unyielding and push forward to our goals. We are only satisfied when our determination leads to consistently good results.

Value Proposition

Condair gears its business to the needs of everyone who has a stake in the company’s success. Our focus is long term, and we know that we shall only succeed in the distant future with the help and satisfaction of all those involved. We have devised a value proposition as a basis for sustained collaboration with everyone who has a stake in the company’s success. We consider dialogue with representatives of all groups who have a stake in our company’s success as an important source of information for making continuous improvements.


are provided by us with a need-oriented and user-friendly offering.

Distribution partners

are enabled by our products to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.


are provided with security, challenging and fulfilling tasks and fair compensation.


are considered long-term partners who can rely on us.


Social, ethical and environmental criteria are becoming more and more important in the future. We will be successful in the long-term if our business contributes to economic development and a healthy environment. As a company we want to lead by example and also like to encourage our employees to be aware of their own environmental footprint and support initiatives in this direction. 



At Condair we believe that the environment and future generations will benefit from our commitment to efficient and low-emission technologies, like indirect evaporative cooling, heat recovery and the positioning of adiabatic humidification solutions.


Resource efficiency

At Condair, resource efficiency is driven by the continuous improvement of quality and productivity that leads to the usage of fewer resources and the reduction of waste.



At Condair we believe that by providing meaningful and accurate documentation and environmental information about our products at different stages of their product life cycle, we can also help to raise environmental awareness among our customers.