October 24th, 2023


Pfäffikon, Switzerland – Condair is proud to announce that it is part of the groundbreaking Global Health Campaign 2023 led by TBD Media Group, the leading media production company.

The Global Health Campaign, set to feature a compelling collection of interviews and video documentaries, will serve as a platform to showcase organizations at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Through in-depth discussions and insightful narratives, the campaign will shed light on groundbreaking medicines, cutting-edge health technologies, and initiatives that address both physical and mental health on a global scale.

The COVID pandemic that began in 2020 has exposed the vulnerabilities of our society and the deficiencies of our global health system. No other single event in recent history has had a more profound impact on business, industry and society. As a result, governments, public institutions, and industry groups are focusing more than ever on the health and well-being of employees, communities and society at large – such as the Condair. Condair is committed to making interiors a safer place and have been exploring and sharing the science behind the health benefits of 40-60%RH for years:

“Buildings serve three main purposes. First, they must provide a protective structure. Secondly, they must optimize energy consumption. And thirdly they must protect people's health.”, said Oliver Zimmermann, CEO of Condair Group AG.

TBD Media will explore the stories of organizations spearheading specific health initiatives, offering glimpses into the future of healthcare. By bringing attention to the innovative solutions and advancements made by these pioneers, the Global Health Campaign seeks to raise awareness about the vital importance of international collaboration in addressing the world's health challenges.

Other Companies featured in this campaign includes: 

Air Up:    Revolutionising Hydration for a Healthier World 

Dedalus: Digital Healthcare Growth in Africa   

DMSCO: Transforming Healthcare: The Visionary Journey of Al-Dawaa Medical Services (DMSCO) in  Saudi Arabia and Beyond 


For more information about the Global Health Campaign and to stay updated on the latest interviews and documentaries, please visit https://www.reuters.com/plus/tbd-media-group/connect-people-amplify-voices-and-inspire-action or read Condair’s Whitepaper “Making buildings healthier”:  condair.com/m/0/making-buildings-healther.pdf 

Condair Group, founded in 1948 and based in Switzerland, is the global leader in humidification, dehumidification and evaporative cooling. Supported by science, we engineer individual, holistic solutions that customers can trust through the entire lifecycle. With optimal humidity, we increase productivity and create healthier built environments. Condair Group has production sites in Europe, North America and China, its own sales and service organizations in 23 countries, and representatives in 50 locations worldwide 

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